Our Impact

At Grab and Go, it all started with an idea. This idea grew in our minds, and little by little, we sketched it on paper. Then, we gathered all the money we had and decided we had to start a project with it. The idea was there, and the money was there. That’s how we started exploring and looking for ways to print and embroider on clothes. We tried once, twice, three times, ten times, a million times. We burned hoodies and ruined caps, but in the end, we learned.

Our idea is simple and there are many like it, but we are different. Why different? Because we don’t copy anyone. We think, design, experiment, print, and then sell. Our impact isn’t just about selling clothes. No, not at all. We are selling an idea, an artwork on a shirt, and a feeling embroidered with colors that delight the heart.

Our work is handmade, and our idea comes from the minds of our countrymen.

We love you…

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